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Breeze Builder Review – How to build Lighting fast pages… which don’t crumble when you most need them Breeze Builder allows you to get Maximum, Lightning Fast, Results from your Conversions and Email Campaigns – From The Lead Capture To The Sale in just a few simple steps… What Is Breeze Builder? My friend Craig Crawford had a near disaster recently which could have cost him his whole business. And the scary thing is…. The same thing could easily happen to you. You see…Craig built his launch pages with one of the Wordpress based industry standard page builders. You know…. The clunky one that's awkward to use and you need to pay yearly updates for if you want it to work after a few months. Anyway… 2 minutes after launch time his pages started to collapse… like the whole thing just crumbled and fell to pieces… His conversions dropped right down to 2% and the sales just about stopped. You see… Wordpress is a blogging platform. It is not designed to take 1000's of hits at a time and it easily falls to pieces when it's put under too much strain. Can you imagine how Craig and his team felt after putting so much hard work and effort in to the launch? OK… so rather than sitting these feeling sorry for himself… Craig decided to do something about it. So he designed the most lightning fast easiest and slickest page builder on the planet…. And decided to add a few more features that the industry standard builders don't have. Like an HTML email builder to create beautiful emails that are impossible to ignore. And a host of other cool tools to add to the mix. He called his new builder Breeze Builder. Breeze Builder is Premium Drag & Drop Landing Page & Custom Email Tools Software that helps you way to build breath-taking, lightning fast, landing pages and explode your email delivery, open and response rates… Breeze Builder Review Special Features of Breeze Builder: Now you can produce stunning visitor magnets like this With 50+ super-high-converting, ready-to-use templates you can customize… or simply create your own from the ground up... All Leading To Better Quality List, And more Profits Let’s take a closer look at each individual tool you get in. You can see for yourself the amazing benefits this can have on your conversions, email campaigns and profits. OPT-IN PAGE BUILDER Opt-In Page Builder Email tools Email tools Opt-in page contains 10 x high converting drag and drop templates which will have you effortlessly and quickly creating pages which will leave your visitors queuing up to hand over their email addresses. Leading to bigger email lists, more subscribers and more sales. OPT-IN PAGE FEATURES • Unlimited Templates • Download.HTML File • Drag And Drop System • Background Editor • 10+ Premade Pages Mobile Friendly • Easy To Use • 1400+ Custom Icons • Advanced Color Picker • Live Preview • FREE Webhost • FREE Updates • Custom Fonts • Form Integration • Youtube • Videos LANDING PAGE BUILDER Easily and quickly create beautiful landing pages that will have your visitors hungry to give over you’re their email address in exchange for your product or service. HTML EMAIL BUILDER Choose from their range of beautiful templates and create emails so stunning they will stand out in your subscribers inboxes like a beautiful piece of jewellery. Leaving your customer’s eager to click through to buy your product or service. HTML EMAIL BUILDER FEATURES • Unlimited Templates • Download.HTML File • 6 Sections Categories • 50+ Premade Sections • Mobile Friendly • Easy To Use • Drag And Drop System • Advanced Color Picker • FREE Webhost • FREE Updates • Export Code • Live Preview Of Course, They Don't Just Stop There... Check Out These Amazing Email Delivery Tools Yes… For the fast action takers, they are also going to include these amazing valuable email tools…. so you your email marketing campaigns make maximum profits in minimum time. Now… not only can you attract the best quality subscribers with your new landing page builder…you can also be writing high quality emails in seconds with your huge bank of ‘Fill-In-The-Blanks’ email swipes.


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